• tongue controlled wheelchair

    Tongue Controlled Wheelchair using Hall effect Sensors & arduino progamming

    Description: tongue controlled wheelchair- In this post, you can learn how to use two transmitter circuits to power a wheelchair…

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  • water quality monitoring

    IOT Water Quality monitoring using Arduino, pH Sensor, ESP8266 & Blynk

    Description: water quality monitoring- In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Arduino, pH sensor, Nodemcu esp8266 wifi module…

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  • IOT Security System

    IOT security system | IOT based Home Alarm system Programming

    Description: IoT Security System-Using the Nodemcu ESP8266 Wifi unit, PIR Sensor, Infrared Sensor, and Blynk software, you can learn how…

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  • split a string message

    how to split a string message and access the sensors values design and programming

    Description: split a string message- In this tutorial, you will learn how to send multiple values in one message from Arduino to  Visual Basic application and then how to break a string message and separately view each value. We’re going to use a comma in this project, “as the delimiter.To explain this, to receive a message and then split the message using the split function, we will make an application in’s visual This tutorial will help you to model advanced level projects that track…

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  • Product counting

    Arduino objects product counting system designing and programming

    Description: Product counting –In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Arduino,  16×2 LCD and an  IR infrared sensor to create your own Industrial level product counting system. It will also work with Arduino Mega on this venture. Object counters and product counters are…

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  • image processing

    Arduino Image Processing based Entrance lock Control System

    Description: This tutorial is focused on Image Processing using Visual Basic 2010 Express Version, Arduino UNO or Mega and a 12 Volt Electronic Key. The aim of this tutorial is to use Human Detection to automatically control the Entrance Lock. Using the frontal Face XML folder, humans are monitored in RealTime, once the human face is identified, then…

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  • firebase

    Nodemcu firebase database configuration and step by step programming

    Description: Firebase-You will learn how to create your firebase account in this tutorial and create your first project from anywhere…

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  • gesture controlled Robot

    Wireless Hand gesture controlled Robot with Joystick & Flex Sensor using Arduino

    Description: Wireless Hand gesture controlled Robot – In this project, we will learn how to  use  Arduino,  L298N Motor  Driver, Flex Sensor, 2 Axis Joystick and 433Mhz RF transmitter and receiver to create a wireless Hand gesture operated the robot. The…

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  • Request Temperature

    Request Temperature Data Using GSM and Arduino programming

      Description: This tutorial is based on monitoring temperature and humidity using a cell phone, Arduino and the well-known temperature and humidity sensor DHT11. In this project, we will learn how to use your cell phone to measure temperature and humidity from anywhere in the world. There are projects where the data from the  Sensors is sent after regular intervals, which I don’t think is good. This project differs from the rest of the GSM-based projects, as the temperature and humidity values are only sent in this project when the owner sends a request message. The Amazon Purchase links are given below: dht11 sensor: GSM…

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  • Gas/smoke leakage

    Arduino Gas/smoke leakage detection and sms alert system programming

      Description: Gas/smoke leakage –Using the MQ-2 gas / smoke leakage sensor,  Arduino  Uno and GSM  sim900A module,  this tutorial is based on the detection of gas smoke leakage or smoke detection. This project is used to detect gas/ smoke when a message is sent to the owner once the gas/smoke leakage is detected. This can be used in kitchens,…

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