Badges Buttons in Bootstrap 5 with Programming Examples


Badges Buttons in Bootstrap 5 with Programming Examples- Bootstrap 5 Badges are small, round components used to provide a visual indication of unread items, notifications, or other similar items. They are usually placed next to or inside a button or an element to show additional information. In Bootstrap 5, badges are created using the .badge class and can be placed anywhere within an HTML element. The background color of the badge can be changed by using the .badge-primary, .badge-secondary, .badge-success, .badge-danger, .badge-warning, .badge-info, .badge-light, and .badge-dark classes. The text inside the badge can be customized by simply changing the text inside the HTML element.

Badges in Bootstrap 5 also have a pill style, which creates a rounded border around the badge, making it more prominent. This can be achieved by using the .badge-pill class. Badges are usually used to display the number of items or to show a status icon, like a new message or a warning. They are highly customizable and can be easily added to any Bootstrap 5 project to enhance the overall user experience.

Badges Button in Bootstrap 5

Why do we use the badges button in Bootstrap?

Badges buttons in Bootstrap 5 are used to indicate or show the count of unread messages, notifications, or items. They are typically used to show additional information about an element or page element. Badges can be added to buttons, navigation links, or other components, and they can be used to provide contextual information or to draw attention to important elements on a page. They are often used in combination with icons to provide additional visual cues to the user. Overall, b provide a simple and effective way to add additional information and enhance the overall user experience.

The advantages of using badges buttons in Bootstrap 5 are:

  • Enhance the visual appeal: Badges add a unique touch of design to buttons and draw the user’s attention to specific elements of the interface.
  • Provide extra information: Badges can be used to display additional information, such as unread messages or notifications, that would otherwise be hidden.
  • Easy to implement: Badges are easy to implement in Bootstrap 5 and are fully customizable to fit the needs of the application.
  • Improve User Experience: Badges provide quick and easy access to important information, making the user experience more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Flexibility: Badges can be used with various types of buttons, such as primary, secondary, success, warning, danger, info, and light.

Overall, badges are an effective way to add value to buttons and provide the user with important information.

Badges Buttons Classes in bootstrap 5

In Bootstrap 5, there are two main classes used to create badges buttons:

  • “badge” class: This is the main class used to create a basic badge button.
  • “badge-pill” class: This class is used to create a rounded badge button.

Additionally, Bootstrap 5 provides several contextual classes to change the background color of the badges, such as “badge-primary”, “badge-secondary”, “badge-success”, “badge-danger”, “badge-warning”, “badge-info”, and “badge-light”.

You can also use the “badge–light” variants to create badges with a lighter background color, or the “badge–dark” variants for darker backgrounds.

Badges Buttons Syntax in bootstrap

The syntax for adding a badge to a button in Bootstrap 5 is as follows:

in the above code example, the button has the class “btn-primary” for styling, and the badge has the class “badge-secondary” for styling as well. You can change the style of the button and badge by changing their classes, respectively. Additionally, the text for the button and the badge is defined by “Button Text” and “Badge Text”, respectively.

Example1: how to use simple badge button in Bootstrap:

Code explanation:

This code demonstrates the use of Bootstrap 5 badges on buttons. It starts with a simple HTML page structure and includes the bootstrap CSS file. The main body of the HTML document contains two buttons labeled “Java Articles” and “C++ Articles”. The buttons use the “btn-primary” class to style them as primary buttons in bootstrap. The buttons also contain badges, which are small, round indicators that display a count or status. The badges are added to the buttons by using the “span” tag with a class of “badge”. The badge text displays the number of articles for each respective topic (Java and C++). The JavaScript file is also included to support the functionality of the bootstrap library. This code demonstrates how to create a simple and clean UI that displays the number of articles for each topic using bootstrap badges on buttons.

Bootstrap 5 simple Badges Button

Example2: how to use success and danger badges on button:

Code explanation:

This is an HTML code that uses Bootstrap to create a badge button. The code starts by defining the document type and setting up the HTML structure with the head and body tags.

In the head section, the meta information such as character set, viewport, and title are specified. The Bootstrap stylesheet is linked to the code using the link tag with the href attribute set to “css/bootstrap.css”.

The body section contains the main content of the webpage, including a header with the title “Programming Digest”. This header is placed inside a centered div with a width of 600px.

The main content of the body section are two buttons. The first button has the text “PHP Articles” and a badge with the background color set to success. The second button has the text “Android Articles” and a badge with the background color set to danger. The badges are created using the span tag with class “badge” and class “bg-success” or “bg-danger” to specify the background color.

The code also includes a script tag that links to the Bootstrap JavaScript library using the src attribute set to “js/bootstrap.bundle.js”.

This code creates two buttons with badges that display the number of articles for each topic, “PHP Articles” and “Android Articles”. The badges use different background colors to highlight different statuses (green for success and red for danger).

Bootstrap 5 success and danger Badges Button

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