Break and Continue Statements in java with Examples using NetBeans

Break and Continue Statement in Java

Break and Continue Statements in java with Examples using NetBeans- In Java, the keywords Break and Continue are control structures that are generally used in loops such as while, do-while, and for loops or other statements such as switch-case, these two keywords are used in a statement to stop and continue statements in statements at certain conditions In this tutorial we will learn about how to use Break and Continue in Java, here we will create a simple example program using these two keywords.

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Break keyword in java:

The break is generally used in java to end execution in a statement, by using the Break keyword, the statement in the statement will immediately stop, so we must create a condition. when the program will stop. for loops are used when we want to do something special like if the value reaches a certain number or more than a certain number then we will stop the program.

Example: how to use break statement in java using Netbeans :


Break and Continue

Where when the value of the variable i reaches 5, the program will stop completely and the statements in the for loops will not be re-executed. In addition to looping statements, in general, when we use switch-case statements, the statements in the case need to be added or ended with a break statement.

example: how to use break statement in switch case in java:


Break and Continue

If we remove the break keyword from the case, it becomes like this:


Break and Continue

Continue Statement in java using NetBeans:

Continue keyword Unlike Break, the Continue keyword will not stop the program when executed, for example, using for loops but will only skip or skip it.

Examples are as follows:


Break and Continue

Try to pay attention, when the value in the variable i is at number 4, the program will skip or skip the execution, and the for loops will immediately continue on the next iteration without printing the value 4 first. That’s a basic tutorial on using Break and Continue in Java, hopefully, it’s useful.

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