Thermistor or Temperature Sensor

Thermistor or Temperature Sensor With Arduino

Thermistor or Temperature Sensor: A thermistor or temperature sensor is a resistor that changes its resistance with temperature. Technically, all resistors are thermistors since their resistance always changes slightly with temperature, but... Read more »
Photodiode, phototransistor, IR Sensor

Photodiode, Phototransistor and IR Sensor with Arduino

Description: Photodiode, phototransistor, and IR Sensor with Arduino– A photodiode is a device that, when it is excited by light, produces in the circuit a proportional current flow (and measurable). In this... Read more »
Photoresistor or LDR Arduino based Projects

Photoresistor | LDR Arduino based Projects

Photoresistor Overview: Photoresistor/LDR Arduino based Projects– Light sensors, as the name suggests, are sensors that allow detecting the presence of light in the environment. They are sometimes called “cells CdS ”(for the... Read more »
Gsm Sim900a Module

Gsm Sim900a Module and Arduino: Security Alert message to multiple numbers

Description: Gsm Sim900a Module and Arduino: Security Alert message to multiple numbers-In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an Advanced security system and send the Security Alert message to multiple... Read more »
Blynk app

Blynk app for remote monitoring Nodemcu esp8266 and Arduino

Description: Blynk app– Using the Nodemcu esp8266 wifi module and  Arduino, you can learn how to use the blynk app application terminal widget to show the sensor data. If you’re using Arduino,... Read more »
wireless joystick

Wireless Joystick controlled Robot Car using Arduino, 433Mhz RF and L298N Motor Driver

Description: wireless joystick-In this project, you will learn how to control a Robot Car wirelessly using Arduino, L298N Motor driver and  433 Mhz RF transmitter and Receiver. The robot control system can... Read more »
Automatic Water Tap

How to make Automatic Water Tap using Arduino and Solenoid Valve

Description: This tutorial is based on the Automatic Water Tap control system using Arduino Uno or Mega, 12-volt Solenoid Valve, Infrared Sensor and a 12-volt SPDT type relay. The main purpose of... Read more »
2-Axix Joystick

2-Axis Joystick Arduino Programming and Circuit Diagram

Description: 2-Axis Joystick Arduino Programming and Circuit Diagram-In this post, you’ll learn how to use an Arduino Uno or Mega 2 Axis analog joystick and control some LEDs as per the joystick’s... Read more »
Arduino Flex Sensor

Arduino Flex Sensor or bend sensor circuit and programming

Description: Arduino Flex Sensor-Learn how to use a Flex sensor or Bend Sensor with the Arduino in this tutorial. This is a venture at the beginner stage and I will try my... Read more »
Arduino Industrial

Arduino Industrial application: how to Control anything on time basis

Description: Arduino Industrial- You’ll learn how to make an industrial-level device in this tutorial that can be used to manage anything on a time-based basis. This tutorial is based on the same... Read more »