Request Temperature

Request Temperature Data Using GSM and Arduino programming

  Description: This tutorial is based on monitoring temperature and humidity using a cell phone, Arduino and the well-known temperature and humidity sensor DHT11. In this project, we will learn how to use your cell phone to measure temperature and humidity from anywhere in the world. There are projects where the data from the  Sensors is sent after regular intervals, which I don’t think is good. This project differs from the rest of the GSM-based projects, as the temperature and humidity values are only sent in this project when the owner sends a request message. The Amazon Purchase links are given below: dht11 sensor: GSM SIM900A: Arduino Uno: Mega 2560: lm7805 Voltage Regulator: Read more »
laser security system

Arduino and Gsm based laser security alert system programming

  Description: This tutorial is based on the Arduino and GSM sim900A unit Laser Security system. This tutorial demonstrates step by step how to use the Arduino, LDR and sim900A GSM module... Read more »
Gas/smoke leakage

Arduino Gas/smoke leakage detection and sms alert system programming

  Description: Gas/smoke leakage –Using the MQ-2 gas / smoke leakage sensor,  Arduino  Uno and GSM  sim900A module,  this tutorial is based on the detection of gas smoke leakage or smoke detection. This project is used to detect gas/ smoke when a message is sent to the owner once the gas/smoke leakage is detected. This can be used in kitchens, rooms, etc. to provide the best possible protection The Gsm sim900A and... Read more »
car parking

Car Parking Monitoring System using Arduino and programming

  Description: car parking –This tutorial is about the monitoring system for car parking slots using a software program in Visual, also known as It’s an infrared sensor project based on  Arduino and This car parking project uses a minimum of six IR sensors. This parking space is split into  two parking spaces,  Parking1  and Parking2. Infrarot sensors are used in each parking slot for car detection. The box next to the slot is tested or unchecked depending on the car’s detection. If the box is checked, a car will fill the slot. This Tutorial covers Car Parking Sensors installation... Read more »
RFID based bike anti theft

RFID based Bike Anti Theft system using Atmega328 controller

  Description: RFID based Bike Anti Theft System– This project was designed specifically for the protection of motorcycles.  The RFID module is used in this project to secure the bike. In protecting your bike from theft, this project can be really helpful. This design is based on the RFID module MFRC522, Atmega328 and other components of the electronics. The goal of not using the Arduino board itself is to reduce the overall cost of... Read more »