number system

Number system in computer binary octal decimal hexadecimal

Description: Number system in computer binary octal decimal hexadecimal- this is a very detailed article about the number system in a computer.  Binary()2       octal()8      Decimal ()10     Hexadecimal ()16 0000 0 0... Read more »

Flowchart Terminal, input/output, Process, Flow lines and decision and examples

Flow chart: Flowchart is a pictorial representation of the algorithm that uses different types of boxes each box in the flow chart denotes a specific instruction of the algorithm. actual instruction of... Read more »

Computer and Types of computer analog digital and hybrid computer

  Definition: Computer is a modern device that is used to take data from the user to apply its different algorithms and generate output for the given data.                                                 Or Computer is... Read more »
wordpress development agency

wordpress development agency

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open gapps

open gapps and gapps mirror of android full detail information

Description: open gapps mirror-in this article you will learn about android opengapps and also know which open gapps are allowed in which countries. the most popular opengapps are discussed in this article.... Read more »