static data member

Static Data Member in C++ with Example

Description: Static Data member Like static variables, we can also define static data members of a class. the keyword static is used before the data member of a class. the characteristics of... Read more »
string function

String Function: strtok, strcmp, strcpy, strlen, strstr, strcat, strcat in c++

string.h Header file: String function:- this header file contains the string related built-in functions. These functions are used to process strings. The most important and commonly used string functions of this header... Read more »
new and delete operator in c++

new and delete operator in C++ with examples

new Operator: new and delete operator in c++:- the new operator is used to allocating memory location during program execution. This operator allocates memory for the specified object and returns its memory... Read more »
Pointer variables

Pointer Variables in C++ with Examples

Pointer Variables: Pointer Variables:- A variable that is used to store the memory address is called a pointer variable. The pointer variables is also simply called a pointer. Usually, a pointer is... Read more »

Constructors and Destructors in Single and Multiple inheritance in C++

Constructors and Destructors in Multiple inheritances: Constructors:- In multiple inheritances, the constructors of the base classes and constructors of the derived class are automatically executed when an object of the derived class... Read more »
pointer arithmetic in c++

Pointer Arithmetic in C++ With Programming Examples

Pointer Arithmetic: Pointer Arithmetic in C++:- We can perform two arithmetic operations on pointers. These are addition and subtraction operations. Pointer arithmetic in c++ may be incremented or decremented. It means that... Read more »
C++ Composition

C++ Composition with programming example

C++ Composition: C++ Composition- In real-life complex objects are often built from smaller and simpler objects. For example, a car is built using a metal frame, an engine some tires, a transmission... Read more »
Searching in C++

Searching in C++: Sequential Searching, Binary Searching

Searching in one-dimensional array: Searching in C++ – The process of finding a specific data item from a given list of values is called searching. The search is successful if the specified... Read more »
inline function

Inline Function In C++ With Example

Inline function: inline function- By using function the size of the program is reduced. It is because a defined function can be called at multiple places in a program by using only... Read more »
C++ Manipulators

C++ Manipulators endl, setw, setfill, setprecision with Examples

C++ Manipulators: C++ manipulators are used to changing the format of the output. C++ Manipulators are instructions to the I/O stream object that modify the I/O format in various ways, the endl,... Read more »