android speech to text

Android Speech to Text using Google Api

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visual basic mouse hover

Visual Basic Tutorial: Click and Mouse Hover Event in Visual Basic

Description: Click and Mouse Hover Event in Visual Basic- In this article, I am going to show you how to use mouse hover in Visual basic, in our example should contain on... Read more »
Visual basic project

Visual Basic Tutorial: Creating First Visual Basic Project

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How to Send an Email using PHPMailer

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digital dice

making Digital Dice using Arduino for Kniffel game

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introduction of Capacitor: Definition and Function

Capacitor: The capacitor is a component whose basic function is to store charge electricity in limited quantities so that it can be used on occasions very specific as an “alternative power supply”.... Read more »
traffic light system

Traffic Light System using Arduino

Traffic light system: Traffic Light System using Arduino– In this article, we will implement the State machine term. It’s a machine that can assume different but finite states. this has her the... Read more »
arduino types

Arduino types and datasheets

Description: Arduino types and datasheet-in this article I am going to show you different types of Arduino and its datasheet Arduino Types: Arduino Fio: This Arduino type board contains an ATmega328P running... Read more »
ac dc adapter

Ac and Dc Adapters Features

AC / DC Adapters Features: AC / DC Adapter– The other type of external power supply, other than cells/batteries, that we will use the most for our circuits is the AC /... Read more »
methods in JavaScript

Array Methods in JavaScript

Description: Array methods in javascript- in this article, I am going to show you how to use array methods and properties with programming examples. Array Properties and methods in JavaScript: JavaScript considers... Read more »