Android Fragments

Android Fragments and Fragments Lifecycle

What is fragmentation? Android Fragments:- Fragment is a UI fragment that can be embedded in the activity, it can make the program more reasonable and sufficient Utilize the space of the large... Read more »
Android Listview

Android Listview: Custom ListView and onClick Event on ListView

Android ListView: Android ListView can definitely be called one of the most commonly used controls in Android, and almost all applications will use it. Since the screen space of mobile phones is... Read more »
Android Activity

Android Activity: Basic usage of Android activities, Toast Message, Menu

What is the android activity? Android activity is the easiest place to attract users. It is a component that can contain a user interface. Mainly used to interact with users. An application... Read more »
open gapps

open gapps and gapps mirror of android full detail information

Description: open gapps mirror-in this article you will learn about android opengapps and also know which open gapps are allowed in which countries. the most popular opengapps are discussed in this article.... Read more »