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  • ArduinoArduino image processing

    Arduino Image processing CCTV camera system application designing and programming

    Description: Arduino Image processing –In this tutorial you will learn how  to use image processing,  Arduino Uno and PIR  sensor to create your own Arduino based CCTV camera device. “Visual Basic” will be used to create the image processing program in this tutorial application works in conjunction with the Arduino Uno connected PIR sensor. Once both the PIR sensor and the image processing application detect the human, a picture is automatically  captured and stored in a folder. Visual will be used for the image processing software. It’s really easy to model image processing applications in The Frontal face XML archive is used in this application for human identification.Once the computer application detects the human face and also receives a signal from the Arduino, a picture will be taken automatically and stored in the desired folder. The Amazon Purchase links are given below: Pir motion sensor:…

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  • Arduinocar parking

    Car Parking Monitoring System using Arduino and programming

    Description: Car parking- this tutorial is about the monitoring system for car parking slot using software programming in visual,…

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  • ArduinoRFID based bike anti theft

    RFID based Bike Anti Theft system using Atmega328 controller

    Description: RFID based Bike Anti Theft System- This project was designed specifically for the protection of motorcycles.  The  RFID  module…

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