PHP functions

PHP Functions: Scope Variable, Passing Parameter, Default, Parameters By reference, Returns

PHP Functions: PHP Function has, like many languages, the ability to group portions of code in the form of functions (or procedures). If the definition of functions has no impact on the... Read more »

array_chunk function in PHP with examples

Description: array_chunk :-hello friends in this article I will going to learn you one more PHP array function array_chunk function this function divide an array into a different block of new arrays.... Read more »

settype and gettype Function in PHP with Examples

Description: I will explain two functions gettype and settype in php these two functions are related to the data type of variables in PHP. gettype funtion: first is the gettype function gettype... Read more »
Member Function

Member Function In C++ with Examples

The nature of member functions In C++ Member function of the class (referred to as the class function) is a kind of function, and its usage and function are basically the same... Read more »
recursion in c

Recursion In c/c++ And How To Use Recursion Function Factorial program

Description: Recursion in c/c++-this is a very detailed tutorial in which we will learn what is recursion and how to recursion function to find the factorial of a number without any further... Read more »