php echo command with examples

Description: PHP echo command with examples-hello everyone in this article what I’ll be covering is the PHP echo command, and I know I have been using the PHP echo command several times... Read more »
array and manipulation functions

Php Array And Manipulation Functions In Php

Php Arrays: PHP Array, it is possible to distinguish three types of php arrays. Indexed arrays where each element of the php array has a number (which corresponds to the usual representation... Read more »
PHP functions

PHP Functions: Scope Variable, Passing Parameter, Default, Parameters By reference, Returns

PHP Functions: PHP Function has, like many languages, the ability to group portions of code in the form of functions (or procedures). If the definition of functions has no impact on the... Read more »
what is php?php first program

what is php? Hello World First Program

What is PHP: PHP is a server side scripting language. that is utilized to create Static websites or Dynamic websites or Web applications. PHP stands Hypertext Pre-processor, that prior represented Personal Home... Read more »
Decision Making

Decision Making in PHP if, if-else, switch case statements

Decision Making Decision Making-One of the most useful aspects of a programming language is the ability to do different actions in different situations. I use an umbrella if it rains today, but... Read more »