Python Exception

Python Exception Handling and built-in Exceptions with Examples

Python Exception handling: Python Exception:- Just imagine a program that has a comparatively deep call hierarchy that means that functions call further sub-functions, which in turn call functions. It is often the... Read more »
java garbage collection

Java Garbage Collection with Programming Examples

Java Garbage Collection: Java Garbage Collection:- Programmers know the importance of “initialization”, but usually forget the importance of cleanup. After all, who needs to clear an int? But For libraries, it is... Read more »
Android Fragments

Android Fragments and Fragments Lifecycle

What is fragmentation? Android Fragments:- Fragment is a UI fragment that can be embedded in the activity, it can make the program more reasonable and sufficient Utilize the space of the large... Read more »
Java Static

Java Static Keyword With Programming Examples

Java static keyword Java static keyword:- Usually, when we create a class, we point out the appearance and behavior of objects of that class. Unless an object of that class is created... Read more »
Android Listview

Android Listview: Custom ListView and onClick Event on ListView

Android ListView: Android ListView can definitely be called one of the most commonly used controls in Android, and almost all applications will use it. Since the screen space of mobile phones is... Read more »

LinearLayout in android with Programming examples

What is LinearLayout: LinearLayout, also known as linear layout, is a very commonly used layout. As its name describes, this A layout will arrange the controls it contains in a linear direction.... Read more »
Java Variables

Java Variables with programming Examples

What are the variables in Java? Java Variables:- So far, our sample programs have all been simple. That is exactly what you do with Java variables. The best way to think of... Read more »
Java Arrays

Java Arrays: Single Dimensional Array in Java

What are Arrays in Java: Java Arrays:- Up to now you only had to deal with a few variables in the individual Java programs. In many cases, it is feasible to store... Read more »
Layout Manager

Layout Manager in Java: FlowLayout, BorderLayout, GridLayout

What is Layout Manager in java? Layout Manager:- We have already seen that a layout manager can arrange the various components in a container and such a layout Manager through an object... Read more »
Java font class

Java Font Class: How to set the Font Family, Style, and Size

Java Font class: Java Font Class:- As described in the previous article, the Component class also provides the method setFont is available, which allows the user in a component Set the font.... Read more »