string function

String Function: strtok, strcmp, strcpy, strlen, strstr, strcat, strcat in c++

string.h Header file: String function:- this header file contains the string related built-in functions. These functions are used to process strings. The most important and commonly used string functions of this header... Read more »
string objects

String Objects in JavaScript and SubString Objects Properties and Methods

String objects in JavaScript: string objects are commonly used to process stings. This JavaScript object also has properties and methods Properties of String objects: The most commonly used properties of this object... Read more »
Python String Format

Python String Format String Specifiers, Escape Sequences, Raw Format

Python String Format: Python String Format-Python supports multiple ways to format text strings. These include %-formatting and str.format(). Each of these methods have their advantages, but in inclusion, have disadvantages that make... Read more »
Python String

Python String and how to use str(), Slicing and Joining, split(), Traversing

Description: Python Strings are enclosed by either single or double quotation marks. To store a python string inside a variable, you just need to assign a string to a variable. In the... Read more »
split a string message

how to split a string message and access the sensors values design and programming

Description: split a string message- In this tutorial, you will learn how to send multiple values in one message from Arduino to  Visual Basic application and then how to break a string message and separately view each value. We’re going to use a comma in this project, “as the delimiter.To explain this, to receive a message and then split the message using the split function, we will make an application in’s visual This tutorial will help you to model advanced level projects that track multiple sensors. Read this post or watch video from start to finish... Read more »