Dialog Box

JavaScript Dialog Box and Types of Adding JavaScript to Your Document

Dialog Box: JavaScript Dialog Box – In JavaScript, you can also create a dialog box. The dialog box is the most important user interface component. They are used to display information or... Read more »
Html Images

Html Images (img src) And Different Formats Of Images, Which Used In Html

IMAGES Html Images -Besides text, HTML also allows to insert images (both static and animated) in an HTML document. Html Images  are added to make the web page more attractive, interesting and... Read more »
html image map programming digest

Html Image Map Tag And How To Use Maparea To Split Image Into Section

Html Image Map: An HTML image map is an image that has different clickable areas (or elements). An ordinary image can be defined as an image map. Different graphics tools such as... Read more »
html table code and their commonly used attributes

Html Table Code And Their Commonly Used Attributes

HTML TABLES html table is a two-dimensional matrix consisting of rows and columns. It is used to organize information in rows and columns. The rows and columns create displayed into cells. tables... Read more »
html form form tags form textbox form textarea from listbox

Html Form, Form Tags, Form Attributes, Textbox, Buttons, Textarea

Html Form: Html provides forms to get any kind of information from visitors. It is especially used to collect data from different users through website. Html form also provides an easy way... Read more »
Html tags

Html Tags, Html Tags Attributes, Html Ordered, Unordered And Definition list

Html: HTML tags- Html stands for hyper text markup language. Html is a fundamental computer language which is used to develop web pages. It Is a language interpreted by a browser. It... Read more »