Why Learn To Program and Why Java

Why learn to program?

Why Learn To Program and Why Java:- Programming means giving a computer a way that it can understand Giving language instructions. As a non-programmer, you can, Of course, already using the computer, surfing the web, sending an email Write, use an Android app, or play chess on the iPad. But if you need a program that doesn’t have it in this form then you have to develop it yourself. This article conveys the necessary basic knowledge.

Of course, there are also very pragmatic reasons: You want (or have to?) Learn to code because it is part of your school or university education is. Or you want to be able to program in order to make money to earn. Or you simply want to understand the IT world better can. From my personal point of view, programming also has something Playful in itself. Programming can be fun – like that Solve a brain teaser.

Why Java?

There is literally a dime a dozen programming languages. Why just Java? Java has emerged as the first programming language in the past few decades established with which countless schoolchildren and students wrote their first programs. There are good reasons for it:

  • Java is free.
  • Java is characterized by a clear, relatively easy to learn syntax from what is a great advantage, especially in the school sector.
  • Java is platform-independent: A Java program developed once can therefore be used under Windows, Linux, OS X, or under other operating systems. That’s a big advantage compared to C, C ++, C #, Objective C, Swift, or Visual Basic.
  • Java is available as open-source code. Java can be easily ported to new platforms. That was exactly what it was The case a few years ago when Google developed Android – this is today the dominant operating system for smartphones and tablets.
  • Java is very popular in the corporate sector. There are countless development tools that help to make them accurate, clean, and maintainable Developing code – even for very large projects.
  • Java is very universally applicable. You can use it to do simple console commands as well as develop Windows programs with a graphical User interface, web applications for server use, or Android apps.

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