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Wireless Hand gesture controlled Robot with Joystick & Flex Sensor using Arduino

gesture controlled Robot


Wireless Hand gesture controlled RobotIn this project, we will learn how to  use  Arduino,  L298N Motor  Driver, Flex Sensor, Axis Joystick and 433Mhz RF transmitter and receiver to create wireless Hand gesture operated the robot.

The Flex sensor will be used as the accelerator in this tutorial, while the joystick will be used to control the motions forward, back, left and right. The speed of the motors can be controlled as we close and open the hand in real-time. Using the built-in Joystick push button, the robot control system can be switched on and off.

gesture controlled Robot

Once the control system is triggered, the Robot car can be operated by the flex sensor and joystick together. When the finger is straight it means no acceleration, so even if you push the joystick the motors won’t turn, but as you start bending the flex sensor the motors start spinning, then the motors can be adjusted in real-time depending on the amount of the bend.

gesture controlled Robot

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All the connections used in this project based on the Wireless Hand Management Controlled Robot are exactly the same as my previous tutorials explained. I haven’t even changed one single wire. On the programming side, the only modification is that which is really easy and I will explain each instruction.

gesture controlled Robot

This is the Transmitter Side based on the RF transmitter of 433 Mhz and joystick of axes. The cabling is exactly the same as in version 2.   made very small modification in version which is that added this small circuit.

gesture controlled Robot

And this Flex sensor has been added.

gesture controlled Robot

The flex sensor is basically variable resistor,  and as we bend the sensorits resistance changes.  As the bend increasesthe resistance decreases.

gesture controlled Robot

As you can see, soldered two “red and white” wires with the flex sensor connected to the circuit as shown in the  picture below.

gesture controlled Robot

This flex sensor is essentially connected in series with a 10k resistor that allows a divider of voltage. The wire is attached to the analog pin A0 from the middle of the flex sensor and 10k resistor. The red wire is connected to the Arduino’s pin number 6 to provide this circuit with 5volts. While the gray wire is connected to the ground of Arduino.

gesture controlled Robot

As you can see the flex sensor is attached to the glove, can control the amount of bend by opening and closing the hand. Now let’s look at the programming of the Transmitter and Receiver.

gesture controlled Robot Programming:

Two programs are used in this project, one program is written on the side of the transmitter and another program is written on the side of the receiver. So let’s start with the side of the Transmitter first. The Virtual Wire library is used in both programming and can be downloaded by clicking the download button below.


gesture controlled Robot Transmitter side Programming:

gesture controlled Robot Receiver Side Programming:

Watch Video Tutorial

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