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Wireless Joystick controlled Robot Car using Arduino, 433Mhz RF and L298N Motor Driver

wireless joystick


wireless joystick-In this project, you will learn how to control a Robot Car wirelessly using Arduino, L298N Motor driver and  433 Mhz RF transmitter and Receiver. The robot control system can be activated and de-activated using the Built-in Joystick push Button.

wireless joystick

Depending on the movement of the joystick and the value of the VRx and VRy, the speed of the dc motors can be controlled in realTime which gives you more control over the Robot Car….

in this tutorial I explained the joystick pinouts, its basic working principle, its interfacing with Arduino and basic programming to control some led’s depending on the movement of the joystick.

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All the connections are exactly the same as explained in my previous tutorial. The only modification that I did is the addition of the 433 Mhz RF receiver module…the vcc pin of the receiver module is connected with the 5 volts…the ground pin of the receiver is connected with the Arduino’s ground…while the data pin of the receiver is connected with pin number 3 of the Arduino… everything else remains the same as explained in the getting started tutorial…

This is the Joystick Transmitter Side, the 433 Mhz RF transmitter vcc pin is connected with the Arduino’s  5 volts, the ground pin of the transmitter is connected with the Arduino ground while the data pin is connected with the Arduino’s pin number 12…

wireless joystick

as you can see I have also solder a wire with the transmitter to slightly increase the range…while the joystick connections are exactly the same as explained in the joystick getting started tutorial…


In this project two Programs are used, one program is written for the Transmitter side and another program is written for the Receiver side. So first let’s start with the Transmitter side. In both the Programming the Virtual Wire library is used which you can download by clicking on the download button below.

wireless joystick Transmitter Programming:

wireless joystick Receiver Programming:


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